Why Feminism Is Still The Need Of The Hour in 2019

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Feminism needs to bring more people aboard its mission for gender equality and there are still miles to go before we sleep.

Women in 2018

2018 was a tumultuous yet victorious year for feminists, ladies and civil rights advocates all over the world. Like every year before 2018, the ladies kept improving their performance by continuing to push the envelopes and fight gender stereotypes and gender injustice. From speaking truth to power by standing up against the harassment by powerful people to waging a new war against the gender pay gap, and unequal treatment of the sexes.

While Beyoncé broke YouTube records, the female activists in Saudi Arabia won a long-fought battle for equality against an inherently unjust regime by winning the basic right to drive. For most of these activists, the success of their movement for gender equality came at a great personal cost. Many of them are still languishing in jails - a cost which they were still happy to pay for the greater good.

The Sexist Pushback

And yet, the war for truth, justice and equality is far from over. The continued progression of feminism and womanhood into every frontier of the civilised society has led to the rise of underground movements trying to push back the achievements of the last 50 years. Some of these movements are a direct onslaught on the very idea of womanhood and even shamelessly deem women to be completely unnecessary.

The need for feminism to fight and win at the bastion of equality is no less in 2019 then it has ever been. In fact, we need even more passion and involvement to counter the sexist movements raising their heads around the globe. Let’s look at some of the fundamental issues at the centre of contemporary feminist movement which prove the constant need to celebrate womanhood and feminism in the near future.

Women Still Struggle To Earn Their Worth

Despite outperforming boys in school, and education at large, for years now, women and girls still struggle for equality in the workplace and to earn as much as their male counterparts. They are regularly pressured into taking less pay for the same positions.  Very often the only option for working ladies, especially in the high corporate offices, is between two short-ended sticks.

Statistics show that only 33% of the management positions in the EU are occupied by women and even then, they earn only 75% of what their male colleagues take home. As if juggling home duties with work while fighting gender stereotypes wasn’t already enough, to get paid less for doing more adds a great insult to the injury to equal rights. Did you know that there are more CEOs of big companies named John than the combined number of women CEOs for similar companies?

PHOTOGRAPHY - Filip Spagnoli

No Safety For Women

How many times have you thought, “Is feeling safe in your own office too much to ask for?” As any reality check would have it, it indeed remains a pipe dream for many women to have a sense of complete security at the workplace. Even in some of the most gender-neutral countries in the world like Finland, 10% of women still face sexual harassment at work. A number which is much higher than what men would ever have to worry about. Can equality ever be achieved if one gender still has to live in constant fear of the other?

Even the women who walk among the most influential and powerful in the world face this issue more often than society likes to admit. The Hollywood scandals of the last couple of years brought to light the plight of the modern working woman but are just the tip of the iceberg when the actual numbers are considered.

Staggering 83-102 Million women in the EU have faced at least one form of sexual harassment since the age of 15. And this is when a large percentage of such harassment goes completely unreported.

Around the globe, one out of every three women admits to having been sexually abused and three out of four victims of human trafficking are girls.

If we are ever to win this fight for equal status in society for women then they must have proper representation for themselves in the elite halls of public representation. All over the world, only 22% of women are members of parliaments, with even the so-called developed countries like the UK still fiddling around at 32%. 

Feminism Must Keep Growing

There is no way that one can stare at these numbers which digitise the widespread prevalence of stereotypes and gender injustice against women and still say that all progress has been made and there is nothing left for the feminists to fight for. While there’s no denying that world is a better place than it was a few years ago and we are on the path of constant improvement, one should never forget that we are here because of the feminists who were bold enough to fight the fight and walk the talk, to sacrifice and to dedicate their lives to a movement which has changed the world. These feminists were met with the same naysayers that exist even today but despite the ill-motivated opposition they kept walking persistently, ignoring the taunts and shouts and the mockery, and as they walked, carrying the feminist flag, the society walked along them to come to the point where we are now.

We did not stop then and there are enough reasons, as clear as the sky on a sunny day, for us to not stop now. We must continue towards a better world for our children where the men are rid of the toxic masculinity and the girls get the respect which is their birthright as equal members of humanity.

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